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Jesska Cruz

Jesska, a native New Yorker, is a passionate dancer who began her dance training at the age of six with the study of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern then continued to expand her repertoire with the study of Tango, Samba, Salsa, and Belly Dance.  Jesska began Belly Dancing under the instructor Amira Mor in 2004 and since then has continued to learn from other Belly Dance master teachers both nationally and internationally. 


In 2011 Jesska founded BaileDance focusing on emphasizing the feminine beauty and the art of storytelling through movement.  In 2014 Jesska become a certified instructor of the Spanish Gypsy Flamencos under the instruction and training of Puela Lunares of the Dances of the World Society and completed the 40-hour Bellyqueen Dance Teacher Training. 


Presently Jesska is part of the dance troupe, Raks Al Zahra under the creative direction and instruction of Natalie Nazario and is working collaboratively on various projects pursuing her mission to embody passion, beauty, and grace through dance.  Raks Al Zahra is a professional dance troupe performing nationally and internationally folkloric, classical, and modern styles of dance from the Middle Eastern region; particularly those in Egypt  Jesska along with the rest of her Raks Al Zahra. Dance troupe won 1st place in the group competition with NYCairo 2015.  Currently Jesska teaches on Mondays at Belly Dance America and occasionally teaches for Bellyqueen and Piel Canela Dance School and also offers private lessons.




Class Description:

Mondays 6 – 7pm

Drop in rate: $20

10-Class Card: $150 (each class comes out to $15)

Back-to-Basics Beginner Level:  We focus on developing a vocabulary of dance steps and combinations, drill technique, and how to put combinations together to create a seamless choreography. 


Get in touch with your inner Goddess, learn to control your body through isolations and shimmies, and create beautiful movement.  In no time, you will dance with confidence and grace and impress your audience.   All levels welcomed. 

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