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Class cost:


$15.00/ hour

(when buy 10 class card)

                                          INTRO TO BELLYDANCE  with JEHAN  

                                                              “ passionate queen of sensuality”


NOTE: August 23 and 34th classes are canceled

          Thursdays: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

           Fridays: 6:00pm to 7:00pm


About JEHAN:

JEHAN,  International star, choreographer and Master Teacher, Founder of Bellydance America Dance Studio and Boutique. Singer, composer of traditional and original fusion music , creator of  instructional dance DVDs, Director of sacred dance school - Temple Of Jehan, and performance troupes Bellydance Raks Stars & The Dream team charity group,  producer of groundbreaking Theatrical Off- Broadway shows including Cirque Arabesque, Goddessdance, Ballet Exotiqa, Tradition Myth & Fantasy.  Co- owner of annual NYCairo Raks Festival - most prestigious Egyptian dance gathering in the USA.  Her professional students can be seen performing in top clubs, special, cultural events in the tri state area and in 5 star venues overseas. 


About the Class:

You will begin will a brief relaxing ,mind and body expanding warm up, leading into  an in-depth study of technique and vocabulary followed by exciting energy building sequences, drills and combinations building into a short choreography often including intro to veil and finger cymbals .  There will be opportunities to perform at recitals, showcases, parades and parties throughout the year.  Special workshops for more advanced use of props such as sword candles wings cane and more will be offered monthly. A 10%  discount in the store applies to all Jehan’s students in this class.

In this on-going class Jehan will take you on a dancers journey to the depths of your soul to the far reaches of your imagination.  In each class the exotic movements, music and costuming will intoxicate all your senses as you discover the rich and fascinating history of this most ancient art form and discover the graceful dancer within you.   Learn the differences and underlying similarities between the exciting contemporary Egyptian style and classic oriental from the entire Middle East, Mediterranean, Turkey, and the vintage golden era styles of Egyptian cinema stars and American vintage cabaret.  Jehan’s unique method includes her discovery and analysis of the mystical geometric shapes and designs which make –up the vocabulary of Bellydance also known as Oriental dance in the east.  Aside from Iraqi heritage her dance lineage is of many legends of the dance including legendary Serena Wilson, Lebanese master Ibrahim Farrah, and numerous Egyptian super stars.   

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